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We have a global presence with 40+ services and a strong team of 80+ expert employees to assist you at your every step. Every service we provide includes Planning, Execution, Cross Verification, Finalisation and Documentation. Every step is dealt with great caution and personal care. Our team is dedicated to provide easy accessibility to quality legal services across the globe.


Income Tax Return filing is now mandatory for all whether a Professional, a Businessman or Salaried Employee. Get your Income Tax Return filed right now and enjoy the benefits like Easier Processing of Loan, Certified Proof of Income, Refund of Excess Paid Tax etc.


The company is the best entity to do business with in India. With tonnes of extraordinary legal rights like Separate Legal Entity, Limited Liability, Strick Governance Rules etc., it is easy to create trust among your clients and investors in comparison to other forms of Entities.


We offer an integrated approach to helping you measure, analyze and report on a broad range of valuation issues, by bringing together professionals with extensive valuation, technical accounting, corporate finance, tax, and deal strategy expertise. Get your valuation report instantly.

USA & UK Income Tax Return

Filing Federal and State Tax Return of your country is now easy and economic. Get the best professionals on board for filing your returns. We pledge maximum refund and 100% accuracy for filing your tax return.


Trademark is any unique expression related to a product or service that distinguishes it from others. Most businesses are looking for a brand name registration or logo registration. Owners of trademarks have exclusive rights to their use under the categories they are registered.


Although Pvt. Ltd. Company is the most popular form of starting a business, there are various compliances which are required to be followed once your business is incorporated. Managing the day to day operations of your business along with complying the corporate laws can be little taxing for any entrepreneur. Hence, Here we are for you.


Goods and Service Tax, Popularly known as GST is comparatively a very new law in India. Most of the people are still unaware of the impact of this new law on their business and professional life. With a centralised taxation system, easy compliance, uniformity of Tax Rate Structures and removal of cascading effect, GST is pulling its shocks up for a major reform in the economy.


Depending on your company’s needs, we partner with you as your bookkeeper, accountant, controller, business advisory, part-time CFO — or the entire department. All of our accounting services and solutions are scalable during periods of peak activity, and then can be scaled back when they are no longer required. By partnering with us to help you manage key non-core functions, you can concentrate efforts on maximizing your core business, which is essential to businesses that are positioned for growth.


Legal Documentation is the need of every business. We provide all kinds of legal documentation services of drafting, vetting, registration and stamping of all kinds of documents, deeds, petitions, GPA, SPA, Sale deeds, lease deeds, transfer deeds, gift deeds, mortgages, wills etc. by qualified Advocates.  We can also function as your back office legal process outsourcing services partner and efficiently manage your legal drafting, documentation or analysis requirements.




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